Stay connected when no other signals are available!

Simply the most economical way to communicate offshore.

Keeping everyone with you on your journey.


We love Communications.

We love Sailing and travelling.

20 years experience supplying satellite communications enables us to give you the best services and offers available.

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YangoTrack Features

Round the World or Round the Cans. We can help track your route all the way.


Intrack Position

Intrack position reports.

Tell everyone where you are and the amazing places you have been.

Intrack Blog

Intrack Blog reports.

Tell everyone how you are.

Intrack Pictures

Intrack Pictures.

Show everyone how you are and what the stunning things are that you see.

Intrack Youtube tag

Pin a youtube upload to a position, let everyone know where it was, when it was and how it was.


Embed your fully customised map in your website or blog. Use ours. Whichever suits you best.


If you can send your position to us, we can track you.

Send manually, send automatically. We will monitor it and add it to your track.


Fleet tracking? No problem.


What is YangoTrack?

Yangotrack is a web portal where you can send position reports from ANYWHERE in the world, just about, and have the position report logged and displayed on your customised map.

How Much Does it cost?

If you get your airtime from us, the basic plan is included. Yep. FREE.

If you want a few more whistles and bells, or faster reporting, then we have to charge you for it.

See the pricing here

Can I customise the map?

Oh yes! We can give you all sorts of styles and colours to choose from. Sign up and we will send you a guide on how to!

Can I import my old data?

If you give us your data, we will do our utmost to import all of it into your track.

Can I use other another providers airtime?

By all means. We know that some contracts are hard to get out of, so if you need to use it, then do. Speak to us about it, and we can sort out your access without too much fuss.

Where are you based?

We are based on the border of Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. We sail wherever we can, we climb and walk wherever we can, we travel all over.

How does it work?

We prefer to use the Iridium hardware, but others can be used. Send us a manual or automated SMS position report, we will handle it from there. All the required details are sent to you after you sign up to a plan.

is there a setup fee?

No, we do not charge you a setup fee.

Can I get my data?

Oh yes! Its your data! You travelled long ways to produce that data, we just look after it for you. We will export your data to you whenever you want, we can keep a copy, or you can request to be removed, if thats really needed.

Why do you use US$ as currency?

In commercial satellite communications, the billing currency is US$. We can provide VAT invoices in GBP also if needed, but they are converted at the daily bank rate at time of issue.

Will you sell my data?

Absolutely NOT. We will use your data to help us market Yangotrack, and use the tools for that, but we don’t go selling your email addresses or details. We wouldn’t like it, and we treat you how we would like to be treated.

How do I contact you?

We prefer by email. You can also give a shout on Facebook or Skype. As soon as your message is seen, we will answer. We travel, we sleep, we hate being in the office. But we will get back to you as soon as is possible.

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